Todd Levine: Musician, Partner Of Kluger Kaplan Trust And Estate Litigation Group, And One Of America’s Best Lawyers

Todd Levine is a founding partner of Klugar, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P.L., a private law firm that focuses on litigation in Miami, Boca Raton, and Mineapolis. Kluger Kaplan Trust and Estate Litigation Group was recognized as one of the best in the nation and all its founding partners were recognized on the 2019 Edition of Best Lawyers.

The founders of Kluger Kaplan Litigation Group were recognized for their individual work and talents. Kulgar was recognized as a trial lawyer and focus on attentive strategy, thorough preparation, and deep understanding of the law. Kaplan was recognized as a seasoned trial lawyer and handles real estate development, liability, corporate finance, and contract disputes. The commercial litigator on the team, Silverman, was recognized for his capabilities to handle multi-party State and Federal cases as an appellate lawyer. Bruce Katzen, also a certified public accountant, was recognized for his work with financial fraud and capital markets law. Todd Levine was recognized for his work in Real Estate Litigation and innovative strategies.

Levine was recognized alongside his team members not only for his professional work but personal creativity and passions. He represents real estate brokers, property owners, developers, institutions, investors, and contractors, for all types of business disputes as a member of Kluger Kaplan Trust and Estate Litigation Group. While doing so his creativity as a musician and art and science lover helps him to use an innovative strategy. Levine is an avid musician; he guitar and some bass guitar and a little keyboards. This creative side aids him in being able to see all sides of a dispute and use that to represent his client. His personal life makes him a better strategist and layer, earning him recognition as one of the Best in America alongside his partners.

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