The Success Behind CAOA Company

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been an executive entrepreneur for the past 40 years. A former medical doctor, Dr. Carlos ventured into automotive when he landed a job at Ford Landau. He acquired his first skills at the company and started CAOA.

CAOA has grown so fast under the leadership of Carlos. It has become the leading Ford dealership in Brazil. The company has continued to expand and has become the major importer of Subaru, a Japanese automotive brand.

The rise in sales of Subaru under Oliveira’s company prompted Hyundai to partner with his organization, which led to a significant rise importation of Hyundai autos. Since then, Hyundai has never looked back.

In 2007, Dr. Carlos released his funds to build a Hyundai plant in Brazil. He chose a centralized location, which could ease the sale of vehicles both in and out of Brazil. His effort did not go unnoticed as a result, he was crowned the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry. This is not the only award that Carlos has earned since the inception of the company. His organization has been awarded several titles due to its exemplary works. Some of these awards are The Good Doer company, the Most Admired Company, and Distributor of the year.

Over the years, CAOA company has been able to produce many new high-class car models, which range from trucks to private cars. The vehicles have been accepted readily by the consumers, who always show their satisfaction by coming back for more products from CAOA company.

CAOA company has not stopped in just manufacturing but has gone further to open a Research and Energy Efficiency Center firm. The firm was opened in 2015 with the aim of bringing to the light about new engines and vehicles. The company was opened using the profits made from CAOA company, which was a significant milestone for the chairman and his employees.

Over the years, CAOA has expanded and has opened its branches in every single region of Brazil. Its success has seen other companies to partner with the firm. CAOA aims at bringing a new world of the vehicle to its consumers, stultifying them and ensuring that they get a first class experience in the automotive world.

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