The Progressive Path Of Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik is the Chief Executive Officer at Farvahar Partners. He established the company after accumulating an abundance of experience in the banking industry. Prior to establishing his own company, Omeed spent time working for Merrill Lynch; and other financial institutions. Before his tenure at Bank of America, he was the Vice President for MF global. Malik has also dedicated time to being a corporate lawyer; within the capital market and private equity field. New Jersey is where the well-known businessman was born and raised. He received his Philosophy and Science degree from Colgate University. After graduating there, Omeed immediately progressed towards his Juris Doctor Degree from The Emory University of law.

After completing his studies at various universities, Malik began his career in his home state of New Jersey. His first position would be as a spokesperson for Donald Payne. This allowed Omeed Malik to develop skills such as public speaking and leadership. These vital life skills would be the basis in which his success as a businessman would spring from. Once his time as a spokesman concluded, he accepted a position at New York City’s Gotshal, Weil, and Manges. Here is where the CEO would hone his skills as a lawyer.

Omeed Malik’s work in New York City earned him the role of Senior Vice President for MF Global. This put him in a position to build his expertise on restructure and distribution platforms; in addition to much more. After working his way through the ranks of the banking world, Omeed Malik created his own firm. The objective of Farvahar Partners is to help investors with Pre-IPO transactions and trading. Even as the head of the company, Malik ensures that he is a vital part of the daily operations. He also uses his platform to spread awareness via national outlets.

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