The Future Renovia Forsees for Women Pelvic Health Reducing the Need for Surgery

From the very beginning, Marc Beer has been a man dedicated to solving the medical needs of others throughout his entrepreneur career. Graduating from Miami University with his Bachelor of Science in Business, he started his career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing at the biotech company Genzyme. His final position at the company was as Vice President of Global Marketing promoting the company’s products by marketing them internationally medically serving over 350 million people suffering from one of the thousands of rare diseases that kills thousands a year. Understanding what it means to serve those in need Marc Beer took the big step of venturing out for himself by starting his first venture, ViaCell. Launched in 2000, ViaCell was a biotech company employing 300 employees by the time the company was taken public in 2005. It served as a company specializing in the preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells to develop and use as a form of treatment for a variety of health conditions. Even though ViaCell was in business for only 7 years, Marc Beer was able to sell the company to PerkinElmer for $300 million. Not long after the sale he put his family first caring for his children after his wife passed shortly after the sale of ViaCell. Despite the loss of his wife causing significant changes in his life, Marc Beer planned for the future looking ahead to when he could start his next venture changing the lives of thousands. Learn more:

Partnering with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, Marc Beer co-founded the med-tech company Renovia improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of women with a pelvic floor disorder. It’s estimated that 25% of women in the United States suffer from a pelvic floor disorder including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and fecal incontinence. It is the purpose of Renovia to develop new therapeutic techniques and diagnostic methods to improve the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders. In only two years after its founding Renovia has made progress having its first product, Leva, being approved by the Food and Drug Administration in April of 2018. Other than their success in creating new medication Renovia has made significant strides in the social aspect in working to remove the stigma behind pelvic floor disorders that cause a lot of women to hesitate in discussing their health condition as well as prevent them from seeking treatment. It is the goal of Renovia to be the first line of treatment for women who have a pelvic floor disorder helping them regain control of their pelvic floor muscles through the use of medication. Renovia works to prevent the need for surgery entirely leading to the reduction in long-term healthcare costs for patients. To further the cause of giving women the strength to come forward to seek treatment Marc Beer partnered Renovia with the Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Along with these two foundations, Renovia supports the recommendation for women to be screened for urinary incontinence making a call-to-action urging female to protect their pelvic health. It is important to Renovia to inform women of the health benefits of seeking treatment as Renovia has made a positive health impact for millions of women suffering from a pelvic floor disorder.

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