The Foods That Could Contribute To Depression and Why You Should Avoid Them

Did you know that certain kind of foods contributes to feelings of depression? Neuroscore discussed the topic in their last article, but we want to expand on a few issues they touched on. One of those issues being food. Below you will find a list of foods that add to the feelings of depression, and why Neuroscore feels you should stay away. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

1) Gluten has been associated with brain activity and damage. There are studies done in Neuroscore that suggest you should cut out the gluten if you face depression and anxiety. Gluten can actually increase the feelings and contribute to attacks on the gut cells. More than 200 studies have suggested that there is an underlying link between gluten, depression and other symptoms, including ADHD.

2) Did you know that dairy can be your best friend and worst nightmare in one? Studies out of Neuroscore conclude that dairy can cause internal inflammation. There is a protein in dairy that has been linked to mental illness issues including schizophrenia and depression. I know it tastes good, especially if your family grew up on it. However, you might want to stay clear if you have an issue with depression. The doctors at Neurocore can give you a more in-depth answer.

3) Sugar has been added to the depression department. In case you did not know already: Sugar can be very addictive. It is like any other drug: The more you eat, the more you want. You begin to go through withdrawal once you start weaning off of sugar. Sometimes that withdrawal, regardless of how small or large, can contribute to feelings of depression. That is why it is important that you monitor the sugar intake if you are facing depression. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


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