The Expanding China Partnership

The China partnership that first begun back in the year of 2016 will be undergoing a significant expansion., China’s leading e-commerce giant and largest retailer, and Michelin China, a global tire manufacturer, has reached an agreement under which the two companies’ partnership will see a substantial expansion through two means.

First, Michelin China will launch a first-party flagship store on JingDong’s platform, which will serve to provide the in excess 300 million customers with greater access to high-quality tires of Michelin China. In its turn, Michelin China will receive the benefit of prospective stronger sales. This is so because in 2018 tire sales on JingDong’s platform has seen a triple-digit growth.

Further, Michelin China’s new flagship store on will ensure that customers buy authentic Michelin tires and that purchased tires are promptly delivered to service centers for installation, as’s nationwide logistics and warehousing network is known for. Second, the partnering companies will be integrating their offline auto service networks such that consumers who purchase Michelin tires through’s platform will have the option of choosing TYREPLUS, a premium tire installation service.

This integration of offline auto service networks, Michelin China’s TYREPLUS and’s JD Auto Service, will enable consumers to enjoy greater convenience and an enhanced overall tire purchasing experience.
This expansion in the China partnership is a part of JingDong’s online retail strategy, more specifically’s “Boundaryless Retail” strategy.

The “Boundaryless Retail” strategy is grounded upon the belief that consumers should be afforded with the ability to purchase whatever they desire, wherever and whenever they want it, be it online or otherwise. The expansion of the China partnership will also serve to enhance JingDong’s growing present in China’s auto parts and services industry, which in recent years has grown tremendously. JingDong has expanded the number of online and offline options that it provides to Chinese car owners and has even launched its own franchise of auto service stores, “JD Auto Service,” throughout China.

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