Ted Bauman Is An Investment Professional With A Penchant For Helping Others:

Born in Washington, D.C., raised nearby in Maryland and formally educated at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Ted Bauman has lived a truly interesting life and it has been a life that has focused significantly on the concept of giving help to other people. Ted Bauman enjoyed a long and successful career in South Africa that spanned some two-and-a-half decades of time and saw him helping others through his work as a fund manager with some important non-profits that work toward providing housing to those who are in the need. Ted Bauman is doing something different these days, but helping other people is still a major part of his current occupation.

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The field that Ted Bauman finds himself involved with today is that of writing and editing for an investment advice publisher that is known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team back in 2013 and has been helping readers ever since with his expert investment advice regarding asset and wealth protection as well as how to invest at minimal risk. These pieces of advice are disseminated by Ted to his readers through newsletters like the Plan B Report and The Bauman Letter. Helping his readers to attain the tools that can allow them to invest wisely for long term gain is what Ted is all about these days. He really is enjoying the fact that he is able to help so many people through the writing that he is doing for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman enjoys the freedom that writing for Banyan Hill Publishing has afforded him. This is because he is able to accomplish his work from the comfort of his own home office. This also gives him a lot of time to consider factors such as his own writing style. He is constantly searching for new and unique ways to convey his messages in a manner that will have his readers curiosity sparked and leave them wanting more information. This is not always easy to do when writing about the topic of investment advice, but it is something that Ted really does excel at.

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