Ted Bauman is a Financial Expert With an Eye on Helping Others

Ted Bauman is a man who can say that he has helped millions of people live better lives.

Just one example is his work with an organization called Slum Dwellers International. This is a social movement entity organized in 1996. Its goal is to uplift people living in marginal housing and poverty conditions on the edges of a major city. Mr. Bauman helped Slum Dwellers assist 14 million people in 35 countries to obtain better housing.

Ted Bauman was born in the United States and grew up in the Maryland coastal area. He moved to South Africa as a young man. There he entered college at the University of Cape Town. He earned post-graduate degrees in economics and history. South Africa would be his home for the next 25 years. His expertise led him to serve in a variety of executive roles within the nonprofit sector, including his extensive work with Slum Dwellers. Learn more about Ted Bauman at bizjournals.com

Feeling the call to “come home” and following opportunity, Ted Bauman returned to the United States in 2008. He took a number of consulting jobs working with a variety of government entities, including the United Nations. In 2013 he accepted a position with Banyan Hill Publishing, a leading global investment strategy company. It specializes in asset protection, investing and entrepreneurship. It helps its clients achieve financial independence and build wealth.

Mr. Bauman knack for writing and the ability to communicate complex financial issues in ways that makes them easy to understand led to his role as a part-time editor at Banyan.

In 2013 he launched “The Bauman Letter,” a newsletter offering wealth-building advice and financial security tips. He credits his father for encouraging him to jump into financial writing. His father was also a financial writer.

Ted Bauman is the kind of economic and financial expert who is driven to use his skills as a vehicle to help others. Creating wealth is one thing, he said, but his primary goal is to help people live happier lives. He is especially keen on protecting the rights of people who are at a disadvantage vis-a-vis larger interests, such as governments and big business.

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