Ted Bauman an Authority in the Investment World

Ted Bauman is a renowned US-based historian and economist who has made a name for himself in the investment world. Bauman, who was born and raised in Washington DC, emigrated to South African as a young man to pursue studies at the University of Cape Town. At the University Bauman studied history as well as economics. After his graduation, Bauman joined the private world where he worked for several humanitarian organizations. One notable non-governmental organization that Bauman served in is the Slum Dwellers international organization that focuses on providing housing to low-income earners. Ted Bauman then moved to work as a consultant for international organizations as well as the UN. The experiences that Bauman gained in South Africa was what gave him a more in-depth understanding of how politics and economics influence the world of today. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg.com

Ted Bauman, in the year 2008, felt it was time to move back home. He relocated back to the US and began working at another non-governmental organization as the Director of International Programs. At the firm, Bauman focused all his energy on sustainable and effective programs thanks to his experience and economics knowledge. Bauman, in the year 2013, decided to venture into the world of research and writing. Bauman joined Banyan hill publishing company and became an author of three financial publications, namely the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stocks and Plan B Club. Bauman uses the three investment platforms to offer his loyal readers with unique strategic investments advice that will help them make massive profits from their investments. Bauman investment newsletters have become a success, and all who follow his investment advice are assured of making high returns.

Ted Bauman, in an interview, was asked why he decided to quit working in the formal sector and decided to help people generate wealth. Bauman said that he was inspired by his father, who was an author and wanted to follow in his footstep. Bauman also was passionate about helping others create wealth and wanted to protect them from threats of government as well as large organizations. As an author, it did not take long before Ted Bauman started making money. Bauman, because of his solid financial and investment background within a short time, was able to create a huge following that earned him good money in return.

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