Talkspace ventures into a partnership with Michael Phelps to promote mental health

Talkspace, an online therapy company is partnering up with Michael Phelps to help that importance of mental health. This partnership will be comprised of a broad range of activities such as TV campaigns. Michael Phelps, a former patient, will be featured on TV where he will talk about his journey to recovery.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an application that connects patients with licensed therapists through an online platform. This company uses mobile and web apps to promote productive dialogue between clients and their therapists. The app is secured by banking-grade encryption which ensures that confidentiality and privacy are upheld.

A majority of the clinicians who work at Talkspace are from high-end universities and have been vetted to ensure they match the needs of the customers. This platform was established to make therapy readily available to people and end the stigma associated with mental illness. Since it was launched, it has assisted millions of people to acquire the assistance they need without fear of shame. Read more about talkspace at

How Michael Phelps will work with Talkspace

Michael Phelps is one of the beneficiaries of Talkspace. Before he got cured, he has struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Upon linking up with a therapist from Talkspace, he was able to get help via a video call and sometimes through texts. Having had a series of sessions, he felt empowered and recovered fast. According to Michael Phelps, Talkspace is efficient and offers affordable services.

Currently, Michael Phelps is healthy and works in collaboration with Talkspace to fight the stigma associated with mental illnesses. He encourages people to seek care through therapy. Michael Phelps recently joined a team of psychologists, experts, and corporate CEOs who form the Board of Advisors of Talkspace. The goal is to advocate for mental health and make Talkspace a key component in the lives of people who desire to manage their mental health.

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