Talkspace: Therapy Without the Sofa

When it comes to mental health there are always excuses not to get help. Maybe it’s that there isn’t enough time, the wait is long, or it’s fear. Whatever the reason there are a lot of people who fail to get help. So, to solve the problem and bridge the gap Talkspace has brought therapy into the 21st century. They have achieved national recognition for innovative platform and success. Here is what one can expect from using Talkspace.

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Sign-up and Pairing

Joining Talkspace is simple. There is the choice to use the service on a cell phone or desktop. After joining and paying the monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee the pairing begins. There is an initial set up that requires one to speak with a licensed therapist. It is important to mention that this initial setup is not the selected therapist and will likely change. Talkspace uses IBM Watson to calculate and find the best match for the areas of focus uncovered. The intake process is simple and feels more like a conversation via text or chat room.

Counseling and Accessibility

It is important to mention that this service is an online counseling service. One can expect to be paired with the best therapist, which means that they may be out of the area. However, the effectiveness of this pairing typically overshadows any distance. Therapy consists of primary text, audio, and video messages. These are not in real time but are available 5 days a week.

Variety and Scope

Every therapist that works with Talkspace has no less than 3,000 hours of hands-on experience. They have backgrounds from PhDs to PsyDs. It’s within this vast pool of experience that allows them to be effective. They offer treatment for nearly every aspect of mental illness. No matter what the condition, Talkspace has someone to help.

For as low as $49 a week one can receive professional help without stigma or delay.

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