Talkspace increasing mental therapy awareness

Talkspace is a company that deals with the offering of online therapy. To be able to offer their services to the people well they entered a partnership with Michael Phelps. The reason why he was good for the job is that he has gone through the same. Through national TV he was able to share his experience. The process was so that he would encourage people not to be afraid to share that they have mental health problems. A person mental health can be improved if they allowed the help of therapy. That’s where Talkspace has been of help to so many people in offering guidance. Check out this article of talkspace at

Many people all over the world will have a mental illness but for most getting help is not an easy thing. Due to the fact that mental health care providers are minimal and other too expensive. People with mental health will not even be aware that they are going through the situation increasing the stigma. Now through the internet help can be provided. Talkspace will offer online therapy which is faster and cheap. Through Talkspace those people suffering will be connected to licensed therapists by use of the web and apps. Talkspace is the first online therapy company that has shown significant improvement in helping people.

Through the career path of Phelps, he admitted that he was struggling with depression. The time he opened up about the situation he acknowledges that he gained strength. The other thing that was of help to him is talking to a therapist even if it was through texts or video calls. Through his experiences, he decided that he was going to help others that the reason for partnering with Talkspace. At the board of advisors at Talkspace, he will become one of them. The work of the board of advisors is to guide Talkspace on the strategies they should undertake.

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