Steve Lesnard North Face-Search and Recap

Steve Lesnard, the vice president of marketing for North Face, has rules that similarly positioned people should heed. These rules will not only help grow a brand but will also help develop a customer base for the long run. Mass marketing was once how companies connected with potential customers, but today, companies will analyze consumer lifestyles to make marketing more personal. Brands that change with consumer demands create a certain level of intimacy with these consumers. How do you build such a brand?

Steve Lesnard believes companies with a strong purpose stand out. Lesnard believes your brand identity needs to focus on target consumers while delivering a better consumer experience. To accomplish this, your company’s mission and values need to resonate with consumers… this includes all levels of your company. The North Face vice president of marketing believes today’s consumers know what is going on. These consumers can quickly identify strategies based on transactional intent.

This “insincere” sales effort prevents building an extended relationship with customers. Lesnard believes companies should move away from the selling mindset of old and focus on adding value and benefit to the consumer. Last, Steve Lesnard and North Face believe in offering the correct product to the correct person at the proper time. Lesnard realizes if a company does not live up to consumer expectations, the consumer will find a different company or brand that does. This is a lesson Steve Lesnard learned at a prior job and uses now in his role at North Face.