Steve Lesnard Believes That Influencer Marketing Helps Companies Succeed

Steve Lesnard has many thoughts to share on influencer marketing. He believes that it is important for companies to get celebrities involved in their advertising because they can take it so far. He gives examples of some of the celebrities who have formed partnerships with brands and gone above and beyond because of that. One of the people that he talks about is Kevin Hart, who partnered with Nike. He not only became a part of the brand in appearing in its advertisements, but he even went so far with wearing the athletic apparel and representing the brand that he considered taking part in a marathon.

Steve Lesnard also talks about other athletic brands that have thrived because of their partnerships with celebrities. He says that Puma was able to successfully come back to popularity because of the collaboration that it did with Rihanna. And, he shares about Kanye West’s partnership with Adidas. These celebrities became a part of each of these brands in a big way, getting involved with movements and becoming spokespeople for the brands, and each of the brands has become more popular because of them.

Steve Lesnard knows that every brand that wants to succeed with influencer marketing needs to find someone who will be influential to their audience. The companies need to take the time to consider what kind of a strategy they should go with and which celebrity will help people relate to them the most. Companies need to think about how they can get a celebrity involved in a variety of ways and how they can form a lasting relationship with that celebrity. They need to have a plan in place before they get started working with the celebrity so that they can make the most of the time that they spend with that partnership in place.