Shervin Pishevar Gets Serious With Tweet Storm

Twitter allows anyone to open up a free account. As long as members follow the rules, they can tweet as much as they desire. Tech genius and entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar has chosen to use the Twitter platform to raise alarms about various financial topics. Pishevar decided to launch a massive tweet storm in February 2018. Pishevar addresses the tech industry, the stock market, Bitcoin investing, and more. The tweets addressed severe concerns that don’t always seem mentioned in the media. Shervin Pishevar worked hard to draw necessary attention to these topics.

Why should people listen to Shervin Pishevar? Pishevar’s success in the tech world didn’t arrive by accident. His venture capital work shows he profoundly understands the complexities a business faces. Pishevar can look at a company in light of overall market conditions. He isn’t too thrilled about some things emerging across various industries. The tweet storm reveals his opinions. Reviewing those opinions may lead to gaining a different perspective.

An altered perspective may help someone to rethink a current path. Shervin Pishevar fears the market might take a drastic drop. While no one can predict whether a decline happens, to listen to less-than-optimistic perspectives can prove valuable. Hearing what experts say allows someone to take the information in, process the info, and come up with a personal opinion. Hopefully, the conclusion ends up leading towards a beneficial decision.

Pishevar also raised warnings about Bitcoin. He feels the virtual currency could lose value, but possibly stabilize. Not all of Pishevar’s musings raise alarm bells. He points out that tech entrepreneurship is “borderless.” While Silicon Valley may be the tech headquarters right now, the next big tech sector success story could pop up anywhere. The lengthy tweet storm authored by Pishevar could prove inspirational to a budding tech entrepreneur. The simple development of an app might launch the next tech billionaire.