Shervin Pishevar Educates the Public with a Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar is not someone who feels shy about sharing his opinion. When he spent 21 hours tweet-storming the internet, Pishevar revealed his belief the stock market and the U.S. economy venture into a crash. Pishevar believes the market can’t avoid a 6,000-point decline. He suggests the bond market, employment figures, and inflation rates won’t deliver positive statistics either.

When the tweet storm exploded in early 2018, the financial media reacted with shock and alarm. Questions arose about why such a well-known investor would publicly state a belief the United States’ economy is destined to drop hard. The answer may be mundane. Shervin Pishevar likely wishes to share his bleak opinion about the market with the public. He probably feels he can help people by letting them in on his beliefs. Be mindful Pishevar spreads his personal views about the future economic landscape. Conclusions and predictions aren’t automatically accurate no matter who professes them.

Opinions expressed by Shervin Pishevar probably won’t experience a casual dismissal. His status as a successful investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist lead people to hear him out. Pishevar’s current success stories at Investment company Β and Virgin Hyperloop One further establish expertise and credibility. So, the media opted to cover his tweet storm opinions as newsworthy. Only time will reveal how accurate the predictions turn out.

Stocks and bonds represent two traditional investment assets. Bitcoin lives in the land of cryptocurrency. Would virtually money find itself free from an economic downswing? According to Shervin Pishevar, the answer is “No.” Bitcoin’s value declined tremendously in recent months. When Pishevar created his tweet storm, he expressed an opinion that Bitcoin would continue to lose value before finally stabilizing.

Pishevar’s opinions are not entirely bleak. He sees gold responding to declining market conditions by increasing in value. Historically, gold does increase in value when stocks, bonds, and currencies fall. Investors look to precious metals when other assets lose their worth. Maybe his tweet storm may lead some to educate themselves about gold and other precious metals further. An educated investor may be best positioned to deal with undesirable market conditions.

Hopefully, the Shervin Pishevar tweet storm did a lot of educating.