Sharon Prince The Grace To Build

Grace Farms peaceful scenery creates a place where communities gather to inspire, communicate more, increase learning and appreciated all the beauty of nature. Grace Farms offers different activities. Summer activities include catching and release fish at Cattail Pond or walking a trail in the lush scenery. Encourage to visit, the community can play casual pick up games or explore.

In the fall Grace Farms becomes a smorgasbord of colors including gold, vivid orange, rustic red. Winter offers its own beautiful scenery and fun activities, such as gracing visitors with serenity and a time to watch wildlife. Visitors view the footprints of different animals left in the snow.

Bird lovers are not to be left out either. Although some birds migrate, there are still plenty that sticks around during the winter months. For example, owls and hawk which do not migrate and stay active during the cold season. In fact, there are over 40 species of birds at Grace Farms.

Sharon Prince, Grace Farms’ president addressed the goal of restoring Grace Farms to a more healthy ecosystem. Many species have returned to the land in that area thanks to Grace Farms effort in the native meadow and habitat.

Visitors are welcome year-round and encourage to enjoy the full beauty of nature. Healthy, organic and interesting meals are prepared at the community from the food harvested by their crops. At Grace Farms, they offer a hands-on learning experience with growing a garden. Any products not in use go to local charities and food banks.

Grace Farms supports Norwalk families by donating over 500 pounds of food to Person-to-Person a not-for-profit organization.

Sharon Prince started Grace Farm. She is also the president. She has an M.B.A. from the University of Tulsa where she met her husband. Ms. Prince is a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

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