Sergey Petrossov: Changing the Way We Travel

SERGEY PETROSSOVThe way that we travel may seem advanced to some, but Sergey Petrossov is not like the rest of us. Sergey Petrossov is the type of person who believes that improvements can always be made. When he took his first trip on a private jet a decade ago, he did not allow the experience to sway him from his hustler’s ethos.

Instead, he was willing to examine the process to see where the inefficiencies lie. 10 years later and he is now the founder of JetSmarter, an app that is changing the manner in which we travel. With a valuation of over $1 billion, the company has already secured a number of major investments.

Saudi royalty and even Jay-Z have showcased their faith in the company, offering significant financial backing. Sergey Petrossov saw that a $25 billion market was not being utilized properly and took the steps that were needed to change it. He drew on his technological background to do so.

He’s worked in an advisory capacity with private jet companies in the past and these experiences served him well. Sergey Petrossov realized that private planes were not being used to their fullest potential. Instead, they were sitting idle when they were not being used by a small sector of passengers. 

JetSmarter created a universe where passengers have the chance to get real usage out of these idle planes. In addition to making private aviation more accessible, Sergey Petrossov is looking to create an immersive lifestyle community. JetSmarter members will be able to find their way to the finest hotels and restaurants that their destination cities have to offer, befriending fellow travelers along the way. 


The sharing model that Sergey has enacted keeps travelers from spending excessively, decreases the costs associated with private flights and levels the playing field for all. Thanks to his efforts, air travel has never been easier or more convenient and his future plans prove that he is not going to be resting on his laurels.