Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Booker Join the Move To Reject Donations from PAC Corporates.

The ongoing trend in End Citizens United (ECU) is still blowing strong as more leaders continue to reject any funds coming from corporates with personal interests. This has been the trend in Ecu whereby Senate Democrats are pledging not to accept corporate PAC donations or rather campaign donations.

Such a case happened on 13th February 2018, when another member of the U.S Senate, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, makes an announcement to reject any money coming from Corporate PACs, including the PACs trade associations, LLP PACs and LLCs, law firms and all profit organizations. She makes this announcement on the same day she was being endorsed by the End Citizens United.

Gillibrand is now part of the other seventeen who have taken up the pledge and received an endorsement by ECU. Other members who have made the same pledge include Senator Elizabeth Warren, Conor Lamb, Representative Beto O’Rourke, Jason Crow, and Randy Bryce.

Voters have been frustrated by the operations of the leaders, in managing the business in Washington, which seems contrary to what they truly expected. Candidates that take up the pledge to keep off any funding from PAC corporates, demonstrate to have the interests of the voters at heart rather than special selfish corporate interests.

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Gillibrand has always demonstrated her dedication to the people of New York in her leadership and this decision is a confirmation of her promise to the people to lead by example. In her career as an attorney, she always thrived to help and serve the community, before taking an offer to work in the Clinton Administration. To date, she has continued to serve the public with dedication as well as to the government. Having observed how Congress and politicians have been manipulated by big donors to pass bills that favor them, has pushed her to make this form decision.

However, Gillibrand is not the only one who has done this recently for Senator Cory Booker too has joined the trend. Booker took the pledge on 14th February, just a day after Sen. Gillibrand took hers. He is the 6th senator to do so and among more than 70 candidates who have also rejected the “Big Money”. His decision shows that he is dedicated to fighting to ensure that the system is rig-free. This is also a sign of accountability to the people and joining the rest to allow the voice of democracy have its way. They are doing so in the preparation of their re-election in the coming midterm elections that will hold in November 2018.

End Citizens United is a grassroots-driven organization that was founded on 1st March 2015. Its aim is to bring a reform in the United States campaign finance system, which for a long time has been controlled by big money donated by individuals and corporates with special interests. This has suppressed the voices of the majority in the country, which ECU is out there to represent.