Securus Technologies – GTL Inaccuracies 43

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in the business world is making bad decision concerning public communication. There are so many ways to communicate with the public today that companies sometimes allow the wrong information to get out into the public. Usually many companies will use a press release to send out information for public consumption. The press release is a time tested method of providing information to the public.


However, if not handled properly, a press release can become more of a problem than a communication method. Recently GTL sent out a press release that became the topic of public conversation. The press release did not place the company in the best light. The press release contained GTL’s version of a dispute between Securus Technologies and GTL. The dispute concerned matters related to technology patent right issues between the two companies.


In the press release, GTL made many claims against Securus Technologies related to the technology patent rights dispute. Once Securus Technologies found out about the press release, Securus Technologies sent out its own press release in response. In its press release, Securus Technologies offered its thoughts on the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies made it a point to state that the claims made by GTL were not based on accurate information and contained information that was not exactly correct.


I believe that Securus Technologies was able to defend itself successfully in the public eye against the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies was able to point out what it felt were the issues with the press release sent out by GTL.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that has an outstanding reputation in the markets that it serves.