Securus Technologies Ceo, Rick Smith

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company. Securus headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Securus is a very large company, they employ about 1,000 people. The company has contracts with over 2,000 jails and prisons throughout the entire country. Securus also has contracts with jails and prisons in Canada. The company has invested more than $600 million dollars in their technology to ensure the best services are provided to customers. For years Richard Falcone was the CEO of Securus. After Falcone decided to leave Securus, a new very qualified professional became Securus’ CEO. Now the CEO of Securus is Rick Smith.

Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus June 23, 2008. Rick has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Science Electrical Engineering. He received his degree from State University of New York at Buffalo. He has also earned his Master’s degree in Mathematics. He received his Master’s degree from the University of Rochester. In addition to being educated, Smith also has a diverse amount of experience in his professional life. He has worked in the finance field, the information technology field, the operations field, and the business development field as well.

As far as leadership, this is not Rick’s first time holding a leadership position. Most of Rick’s experience is in the telecom field. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to telecom and information technology. Before starting with Securus, Rick was the CEO of Eschelon Telecom. He held this position for almost ten years. Rick has evident outstanding leadership skills. While under Rick’s leadership, Eschelon Telecom’s revenue grew from $30 million to $350 million. He is a very hard worker with a strong sense of ethics!

Rick is the perfect CEO for Securus. He is very client and customer driven. He has excellent customer and client service skills and always treats everyone equally. Satisfying clients and customers is the key to maintaining a healthy business; Rick makes sure he meets these goals all the time. The statics have proven that Rick’s business practices have been very effective. Securus is still maintaining a great name for themselves as of today. They have also been growing significantly as a company.