Samuel Strauch A Leader In Real Estate!

Who is Samuel Strauch? He is a real estate agent based out of the Miami, Florida, area. He has been in the real estate business for fourteen years business, and has moved up to be in the top 12% of salespeople.

Mr. Strauch earned his BBA undergraduate degree from Hofstra University, in New York. He also attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Harvard University. He started out in banking, where he learned about, management, acquisitions, equity sourcing, and development. Tired of banking, he eventually went to South Florida to work in the family real estate business. This is where he found his niche, furthering his career, by opening his own office, Metrik Real Estate.


How does Samuel Strauch motivate his employees? First of all, he looks for outstanding potentials that have talent, dedication, and motivation for success. Strauch encourages his employees to make their own decisions, even if mistakes are made. He believes in complete honesty too. If he feels you are not going to make it in the field, that he needs to let you go and tell you so. He also believes in an inspirational office setting. One of his favorite quotes is, “He who only believes in what he sees, is blind”. This is a great quote, as it encourages, thinking outside the box, seeing a better vision of what is actually there.

Samuel Strauch also has some favorite hobbies, other than investing and selling. He loves photography, art, and traveling. You have to have fun in life too.

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