Rocketship United Academy.

Rocketship United academy teachers, support staff, and leaders are dedicated to sharing gratitude. In all their operations they thrive on a positive culture. All the Rocketship United Academy have five core values and only four are mutually shared across the network. They are persistence, responsivity, respecting, and empathy. The rocketeers live with the core values both in the community and in school and recite a creed consisting of the core values. The fifth core value is a decision by both teachers and parents which portrays the school’s vision and unique character. It can either be based on bravely or curiosity.

The school mission matches with the core values in preparation of their students and equips them with critical character skills required outside the school. Most of Rocketship united academy students are from high-poverty communities. These students tend to have toxic stress which makes it difficult for them to resolve conflict, manage emotions, and respond to provocations. Rocketship academy creates a positive, consistent, and consistent school experience which enable the students to develop socio-emotional skills. These skills help them in their school work and outside of school.

Social-emotional learning curricula are one of the instructional program taught in morning community meetings three times a week in the morning. Curricula that are carefully selected are differentiated for upper and lower grade students are utilized. Rocketship academy uses Kimochis curriculum centered on five characters with special personality and temperaments. It is designed to offer depersonalized opportunities to students to recognize their feelings, institute positive relationships, and demonstrate care for others.

Rocketship academy director, Jacque Paterson, stated that the school would accept all the applications by any child from the D.C. Rocketship teaches parents on how to advocate for their students in high school and middle school years after leaving Rocketship. School officials advocate making home visit to every student’s family. Rocketship is planning to hold award 8. D.C council debate before the next election.