Review of EOS Lip Balm Flavors and Types

The top ten EOS Lip Balms have been reviewed and are as follows. 1. Strawberry Sorbet is the number one because of its flavor and hydration properties. It is made with shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. #2 in the review is Shimmer lip balm in shimmer pink. It hits second place due to its shimmer shine and moisturizing ability. 3rd. is the medicated lip balm in cooling chamomile. All natural ingredients will heal severely chapped lips with a combination of aloe, cocoa butter, and others that soothe the lips. #4 reviewed is the Soft Lip Balm in Honey Apple. It is with six moisturizing oils and makes the lips softer and smoother.

#5 is Active Lip Balm in Lemon Twist. This one contains SPF and is for the person who is outside in the elements often. 6. is Organic Vanilla Bean and is in a stick and is designed to help nourish and moisturize the lips. 7th is Active in Aloe Vera. It is also intended for the active lifestyle and being outdoors that may cause more exposure to the elements and antioxidants in the lip balm helps replace and restore as well.

8. The Shimmer Lip Balm in Coral. It will leave the lips soft and shimmery with a tint of coral to add to the healthy beauty of well-moisturized lips. 9th in the review is Lip Balm Stick in Sweet Mint. The stick goes on smooth and easy and the sweet mint flavor is very nice. As with all EOS Lip Balms, it contains all natural ingredients. 10th is Crystal Lip Balm in Vanilla Orchid. This one is all vegan and wax free. It is made with castor and sunflower seed oil and coconut oil.