Revealing Sergey Petrossov’s Career

Sergey Petrossov is a role model for young entrepreneurs in and out of the United States. The skilled administrator managed to start and develop several successful business projects before his 30th birthday. On his 29th birthday, Forbes documented him as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the United States’ technology sector. Forbes gives the title to entrepreneurs with game-changing ventures. But, how did Sergey develop the reputation within such a short period? Different from the graduates who wait to start their career after campus, Sergey Petrossov began his career while studying.

Sergey and other like-minded colleagues developed an online chat system which helped companies to receive and address customer concerns through their websites. This project marked the start of Sergey’s career. After acquiring his undergraduate degree in finance and business management, Sergey Petrossov opted to continue with his passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Soon after graduation, Petrossov launched his second entrepreneurial project. He developed a digital platform where various Russian-speaking colleges offered their courses online. In fact, Petrossov is among the personalities who shaped the distance learning mode of study.

Besides developing digital solutions, Petrossov worked as a senior advisor at a prominent Gulfstream private charter. He cooperated with other executives to sail the private jet operator to the right path to growth. While serving the private charter, Sergey Petrossov realized that America’s airline industry had a problem in its booking process. Many airline companies spent much time receiving calls from customers. Likewise, the phone booking process was time-consuming for customers. On that account, Sergey Petrossov decided to find a solution to replace the outdated process. He developed JetSmarter, a platform that connected various airline companies to customers from different parts of the world. The platform allowed customers to locate and book their ideal airlines within a few minutes using their mobile phones.