Rebel Wilson: She’s Thankful For Her Path

When Rebel Wilson looks at the path that has put her in this current position in Hollywood where she is a leading lady, she is thankful for it. She is happy for the good, the bad, and everything in between. She knows it has helped shape her into the actress she is today and the person she is today as well.

Those are equally as important to her. She sees herself as more than just an actress. She sees herself as a role model for young girls out there, and she wants them to look up to her and have that same type of confidence that she has whenever she is out in the public eye.

It wasn’t always easy for Rebel Wilson, though. As with anything in life, if it is worth having, it is going to be difficult and it is going to be a challenge. She has said in previous interviews, “No one thought I would be a feature film actress crushing it around the world, but I beat the odds and have achieved so much.”

When someone beats the odds, they should be celebrated. Even though she has only been in the United States since 2010, it didn’t take her long to find herself at home in Hollywood as a movie star. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

With all of that said, she has not become a United States citizen, even though she thinks she would make a great one with her love of hot dogs and theme parks.

She has stayed loyal to her Australian roots through and through. Another thing that is interesting and very inspiring about Rebel Wilson is the fact that, for her, it is all about what is on the inside. She knows Hollywood is all about the look, but she is looking inward and trying to be the best person she can be each and every single day.

She has talked about luck in the past and of course, earlier, it was mentioned, how she bought the odds. She does give herself credit, though, for the hard work she has put into her career.

Once she got her foot in the door, she was not going to leave the room. She was here to stay. That is the true test of someone. Is their career going up or is it going down? Considering she has a ton of films in 2019 such as Isn’t It Romantic, The Hustle, and Cats to name a few, it is clear she is in high demand.

Rebel Wilson is not a one-hit wonder. She is not just a flash in the pain. Her career is only going to go up from this point forward with her talent, her brain, and her commitment to doing good work.

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