Q & A with investor and businessman Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an angel investor and businessman who works out of London and New York. Riva completed his education at the University of Oxford with an MBA and started working with some startups early in his career. After selling the business he owned in 2006, went on his journey as an investor. With a combination of luck, hard work, and loss of sleep, Raffaele Riva became a well-known figure in the Big Apple. The investor did a Q & A that has been posted on interview.net about his career, obstacles, and advice to other aspiring businessmen. A lot of his days are spent checking emails, waking up early, working with CEOs and businesses, to working at the office. He also spends time with his daughters and wife. Some healthy habits that he mentions are taking a jog when needed or doing meditation to help clear the mind and reduce stress. He mentions that he learned a lot in business from reading a book called “10% Happier” by Dan Harris. Raffaele Riva notes that he would have told his younger self to calm down and slow down, not rush things so much because his hard work would eventually pay off. He stays organized by having an administrative assistant, which he believes helps out a lot, along with having a good team. The investor finds solace in helping others in the business world, whether that be for startups or other investors. He finds fun in working in a team-oriented environment and with others. Raffaele Riva advises other entrepreneurs and investors to do their research before building a business or making an investment. He notes some of the obstacles as an investor is not making the correct decisions and it coming with price tags. A service he recommends is Gust to organize information and the book “Rich/Poor” by Kiyosaki to learn about making sound investments.


Q & A