Popular Wiki Pages and Edits

Wikipedia pages allow for the spread of current and up-to-date information. Wiki pages can be subject to editing by anyone, which makes them targets for misinformation. Wiki edits can spread fake news stories, spreading false rumors and hurting the reputation of people. Those who wish to protect their reputation or promote their brand may choose to hire professional wiki writers and editors to create content and monitor it. 2016 was an interesting year for wiki edits.

Certain topics draw in more edits than others. Controversial or popular news stories cause people to want to edit their pages more. Brexit, Panama Papers, and the Orlando nightclub shooting are among some of the most edited pages. Other times it is not always as apparent as to why these pages are so popular to edit. Ru Paul’s Drag Race or fictional character, Beverly Gray are two pages that racked up edits. Editors claimed their fascination with Vincent Van Gogh was to clear up incorrect information.

The top edited article for 2016 was the deaths page. 2016 was the year of many celebrity deaths, which drew the interest of the public. David Bowie, John Glenn, Prince, and Janet Reno are among some of the famous people who passed in 2016. The deaths of celebrities are always a popular subject. This page had over 18,000 edits.

The second entry was Donald Trump’s entry, which is no surprise considering the controversy of the election. His page may garner even more edits, because the president-elect tends to draw attention.

Fake news has become even more popular on social media, so these fake stories are starting to pop up on the pages of Wikipedia. The ability for anyone to edit a wiki page and the popularity of these fake pages have caused the need for wiki editors. Many people and companies who wish to maintain their online reputation. Getyourwiki.com is a professional writing and editing service which offers content creation and monitoring of pages.