Phenomenal Skill In The Key Field Of Actuarial Science Underlies The Success Story That Is Gareth Henry

When businesses need to assess risk factors in regards to various investment opportunities, whatever the industry or profession involved may be, they look to actuarial science and those with the acumen and training to use it well. Although the roots of actuarial science go back to the early Roman Empire, the field as it stands today makes use of an array of closely related subjects, including mathematics, statistics, economics, computer science and probability theory. Graduates of actuarial science programs tend to do extremely well in the job market as their skills play well across a range of fiscally related fields. Learn more at Bloomberg.

Gareth Henry makes an excellent case study of what an actuarial science degree holder can achieve. Gareth Henry graduated with dual honors in actuarial science and statistics, from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Once graduated, Henry took his smarts and his unusually un-nerdy ability to translate complex mathematical theory into everyman speech and set his feet on the path to prominence. In less than two decades, he’d racked up an array of ever-more impressive titles: Analyst, Investment Manager, Director of Strategic Solutions, Head of International Investment Relations and Global Head of Investor Relations.

In his most recent business incarnation, Gareth Henry raised nearly 5 billion for his alternative investment company. As Global Head of Investor Relations, Henry was put in charge of overseeing fiscal agreements occurring in several different continents. To understand how lock- in-key perfect this arrangement is one need only refer to an August, 2018 interview. In the interview Henry noted he had “always naturally gravitated toward investor relations and raising capital” because he was “always drawn to the way that finance and mathematics merged in so many ways…”

Clearly, real world experience has served to add luster and oil to the wheels of Henry’s innate people skills. Yet, the true foundation underlying the Gareth Henry ladder of success has been actuarial science. With his mathematical and statistical skill set honed to a razor sharp point, Gareth Henry regularly oversees funds, analyze statistical data and make profitable choices for himself and his clients.