Brazilian Companies to Watch for Massive Investment Opportunities

Brazil has been booming with business in the past few years. This is particularly due to the country’s increasing interest in investing in companies that are trying to push the standards of the world. These up-and-coming businessmen in Brazil are slowly becoming the backbone of their modern society, and they are all contributing towards a […]

TJ Maloney Reflects On His Success As The CEO Of Lincolnshire Management

It would be pretty easy for TJ Maloney, the Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management, to be overconfident these days, but this accomplished financial executive does everything in his power to make sure that he stays humble. With a B.S. from Boston College and J.D. from Fordham Law School, Maloney has a similar background to […]

Sergey Petrossov: Changing the Way We Travel

The way that we travel may seem advanced to some, but Sergey Petrossov is not like the rest of us. Sergey Petrossov is the type of person who believes that improvements can always be made. When he took his first trip on a private jet a decade ago, he did not allow the experience to […]

James River Capital

James River Capital solves the problem of how the growing number of entrepreneurs find the funds they need to start and grow their businesses. The company was founded by Paul Saunders, who continues to act as its chairman and CEO. He is a career investment banker who rose through the ranks until he was able […]

Raffaele Riva’s Career Is Not Limited To His Home Country, But Worldwide

There’s one thing that Raffaele Riva does best, and that is running a number of successful companies throughout the world. He is based in London, England, but holds citizenship to both Italy and Switzerland. In addition to traveling the world, Mr. Riva is fluent in more than one language. These languages include English, French, and […]

Privinvest Reaches New Wave of Global Success

Privinvest has long been riding a wave of success. The luxury yacht building firm has been on the crest of global acclaim since 1990. When it comes to making luxury vessels, the brothers Akram and Iskander Safa are some of the world’s most respected experts. Their level of success has only risen higher in recent […]

8 Tips by Maarten de Jeu for Global Expansion

In 2012, Maarten de Jeu opened doors of his consulting firm, SVM Business Advisory. The firm has a global outreach. It advises the clients on aspects of international business. The firm ensures the clients get solutions that have results. Their clients need to have an edge in the competitive markets. SVM Business Advisory are experts […]

Fortress and Softabank are One Company in 2018

Recently, The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Softbank Group Corporation. This acquisition did not come cheap. It cost Softbank $3.3 billion. Th included all of Fortress’s shares This acquistion was considered finalized when all conditions of the closing of transaction were completed. It was also considered finished when all Fortress shareholders voted in […]

Bhanu Choudhrie on the Current and Future of C&C Alpha Group

In 2003 Bhanu Choudhrie, with his family, started the C&C Alpha Group in London. The firm has significant stakes in hospitality, real estate, banking and technology, healthcare, and aviation. The firm is private equity with venture capital funding. The firm has scaled well financially. They have been able to expand from the first areas of […]

OSI Food Solutions- Chicken nuggets for kids and adults?

OSI Food Solutions is a food solutions company based in Germany with locations in several other countries. They process food in the products that you’re familiar with. Things like chicken nuggets, pizza, sausage, etc. Now if you’re reading this then you’re interested in OSI Food Solutions chicken nuggets. It’s well known that kids can be […]