Isabel dos Santos: Find and Recap Articles (Portuguese to English)

For female entrepreneurs with African roots like Isabel dos Santos, being a billionaire in your mid-40’s puts a person in a small group of people. Indeed, Isabel dos Santos’ was not born in Africa, but in Azerbaijan. Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova, was from a Soviet-ruled country. During the very early part of the ’70s, Isabel’s […]

Bhanu Choudhrie On Taking The Difficult Path

Bhanu Choudhrie Would Implore You: Don’t Avoid Your Difficulties, It Won’t Do You Any Good Difficulty, who wants it? Well, Bhanu Choudhrie, that’s who. The person who wants difficulty is the person who has an objective, the person who has a mission, the person who wants to take away the liabilities while optimizing for opportunities. […]

Article on Making a Successful Product Introduction Wrote By Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard wrote an article on how to conduct the marketing of a new product in the technological era. The report stated that modern technology and social platforms are transforming the marketing world. They offer great beneficial opportunities, but at the same time, they can hinder production if nor handles in the right way. The […]

Academy of Art University Had A Hand In Avengers: Endgame Visual Effects

For decades now, the Academy of Art University has built a reputation as one of the leading institute for creative design and art, extending throughout various industries. Many talented professionals offer up their expertise and mentorship at the academy, and it has continued to pay off each year for students. Over the years, the Academy […]

What Businesses Don’t See, Nitin Khanna Does

Coming from India, wholesome, holistic Purdue engineering graduate, Nitin Khanna has no problem seeing what other professionals don’t and even less of an issue implementing what other businesses won’t. Since Nitin Khanna’s background had already been started as a dream, all he had to do was keep those good habits upon arriving on the American […]

Betsy DeVos Develops Reputation as Political Soldier

When President Trump ran for President back in 2016, he made it abundantly clear what his intentions were. Ostensibly a conservative, President Trump ran his campaign on an outsider’s perspective. Additionally, President Trump made it clear that he was going to set his sights on undoing everything that President Obama had accomplished. Among those accomplishments, […]

Jingdong Offers Sweet Wines for the Chinese Market

A unique partnership between one of the most popular Hungarian wine brands and a leading Chinese e-commerce marketplace has had an exciting and profitable response. Grand Tokaj is known for their excellent quality of wines, however they haven’t had any stake in the booming Chinese online market. That’s where Jingdong’s well-established consumer base and logistical […]