OSI Industries Is More Than A Food Processor

In the world of food processing, time equals money. This notion speaks volumes on all levels. One of the top food processors in the world is known as OSI Industries. This food giant is also one of the biggest private companies in the US as of 2019. OSI Industries’ name does a great job of stating what the company truly is. Yes, it’s basically an industry onto itself with its 20,000 employees and 65 facilities. The more you dig into the company’s past, then the more invaluable information that you’ll find out. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Who started the company? OSI was started by a German-immigrant named Otto kolschowski in the early 1900s. During its early days, the company was family-operated, and it provided fresh meats for its neighborhood. Oak Park, Illinois, was its base back in the day, but the company would relocate to Maywood, Illinois, in later years. Otto Kolschowski’s business really began to excel when the company went into food wholesale. McDonald’s, an up-and-coming hamburger chain, used OSI as one of its main suppliers for meat. This partnership was struck by a simple handshake. As time went on, OSI Industries grew and evolved with the times. As newer technologies became available, the company would be among the first users to apply the technologies. From cryogenics to high-capacity production lines, OSI has always been at the forefront of the food industry.

What foods does OSI produce and sell? The answer to this question can literally go on for days. OSI Industries produce and sells an extensive list of foods, including pizza, Tofu, cooked sausage links, hot dogs, beef patties, lettuce, fruits, beans, chili, chicken nuggets, steak, pot roast, ribettes, onions, tomatoes, pasta, chicken wings, panini, flatbread and more. OSI Industries has more to offer, but this article can only support so much information.

Learn more about OSI Industries : https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=2130308