OSI Group Expands Global Influence

OSI Group is maintaining its commitment to growth and expansion. The organization has tremendous influence in the food manufacturing industry around the world. It continues to make business moves that fortify its position within a competitive industry. The merger with Australian-based Turi Foods is a perfect example of the OSI worldwide business model. Turi is a leading manufacturer in Australia that supplies supermarkets, quick service restaurants, specialty retailers, chicken outlets and butcher shops. Turi Foods is the largest poultry processor in the country and operates multiple facilities in the Thomastown area. OSI COO David McDonald is excited about the merger with Turi Foods.

It gives the organization yet another resource that will enable them to bring next level of service to their clients around the world. Turi Foods will be working together with OSI International in Australia, which is a subsidiary of OSI Group LLC. Turi food plants in Australia will remain as they are and run out of Thomastown, Victoria.OSI Group has executed several mergers to ensure a steady pattern of growth for the company. The organization acquired European distributors Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group. Each of these companies bring a unique form of clientele to the OSI brand.

Baho Foods is a growing company that has a diversified expansion plan of its own. Flagship Food Group specializes in mayonnaise and serving sauces. It will be a unique acquisition to the OSI team and open the company up to new markets.Tyson Foods was a local acquisition made by OSI Group. Tyson Foods is located in the Chicago area where OSI originally began. Tyson Foods was planning to close for business and put hundreds of people out of work. Leaders at OSI were able to secure the merger and save these workers from the terror of unemployment. Many Tyson Foods employees were offered an opportunity to work with the OSI team.