OSI Food Solutions Using Acquisitions To Expand

OSI Food Solutions is the world’s largest food processing company. The firm was set up many years ago by a German immigrant living in Chicago. He created this company because he felt the need to serve the interests of the people. He wanted to be in a position to do business. What he started as a butcher shop developed into a leading global firm. The history of this firm is inspiring to anyone who would like to be a successful business person. How the company has been built from a butcher shop to a multinational is interesting. It has taken great dedication and commitment by some people to get the company running as it does today finally.

OSI Food Solution is today in 17 countries and has constructed over 65 food production plants. This company has offered jobs to over 20,000 people directly. It continues to employ even more as it expands its facilities around the globe. Looking at the history this company has had, one is convinced that it one of the greatest achievements of the American economy. The Forbes ranks OSI Food Solutions as one of the largest private companies in the United States. It has a net worth of over $6 billion.

OSI Food Solutions has been on an expansion mode in recent years. Under the current leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, the work of this organization is to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the products they offer. The company has been opening operations in many parts of the world. In recent years, OSI has been applying various means of growing the company. There is the acquisition of other companies, expansion of existing food plants and purchase of new food plants. All the measures being taken by the management now are supposed to keep the company in the line of performance in coming years.

OSI Food Solutions has acquired Baho Food, a Dutch food company with a number of subsidiaries. The partnership between OSI and Baho is aimed at giving OSI a chance in the European market. OSI is exploring means through which it can make an entrance in this market, and it seems like this is the kind of partnership to get them started. They have also acquired another company known as Flagship Europe. This company has since been renamed Creative Foods. OSI Food Solutions seem determined to take over the industry. Already the performance is going on very well, and we are likely to see the company turn into the best in history.