OSI Food Solutions Has Received Many Accolades

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that goes back to 1909 and the west side of Chicago. Otto Kolschowsky founded a small meat market that eventually became a million dollar international food company that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions was once named Otto & Sons in 1928 has a staff of 20-thousand plus employees. OSI currently has 60-plus facilities in over 16 countries.

While Otto & Sons may have been focused on their meat shop in the formidable years as a small business, today OSI Food Solutions sells pork products, chicken products, beef, mayonnaise, pastry products and more.

Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive Officer of OSI Food Solutions, is a competent corporate leader who has been the impetus for OSI expanding internationally. OSI has purchased many food-related firms in Europe like BAHO Foods.

Indeed, Sheldon Lavin was able to work with Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant to eventually take over the Otto & Sons business in the ’70s. At one point, Sheldon Lavion had his own business, which was ideal for Sheldon Lavin during a specific point in the 70s to gain control of Otto’s business. Lavin worked out a deal to get a substancial stake in the meat company.

When Lavin took significant control of Otto & Sons, he turned the name to OSI from Otto & Sons. The agreement that Sheldon Lavin made with Otto & Sons regarding becoming their CEO and running the company turned out to be a right decision for the food company.

OSI Food Solutions has received many accolades over the years. OSI was once given a ranking of 58th among a list of the top 100 private American food firms. OSI was also noted to have had a net worth in 2016 of approximately 6.6 billion dollars — this according to Forbes.com.

OSI sells a variety of foods in the US and internationally, which has helped them increase their global reach and net worth. And over many decades, Sheldon Lavin has relied heavily on his key executives like David McDonald (COO and President of OSI). David McDonald has brought his essential leadership skills to OSI over many years to make a positive impact.

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