Nathaniel Ru’s Journey to Starting up Sweetgreens

The journey to creating one of the leading food stores that provide healthy food began in 2007, while Nathaniel Ru was in his final year at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Finding a healthy place where he and his two friends could eat had always proven to be troublesome.

They spotted a place that they could potentially start an eatery. The place was along M street. Apparently, the landlord of the lounge was the same owner of the apartment in which Nathaniel Ru and his friends resided.

Coupled with financial constraints to kick off, Nathaniel resulted to calling his landlord, explaining of his intention. She hung up. He never gave up. He could call every day. Out of his persistence, the landlord finally scheduled to meet them one on one.

Nathaniel remembers wearing a suit for this day and with him were three pages of a business plan. The landlord told Ru and his friends to go ahead and look for business backers and an architect and return with a proper plan.

The three young men did exactly this, and Sweetgreens was born. The landlord had seen the potential vested in the three finalists and hence decided to support their course.

When Sweetgreens survived the first winter, it became apparent that the company would last long. Today the company has expanded to various parts of the country including New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

It has also opened up more stores in Washington DC. The store has continued to provide fresh and healthy foods that it sources from the local market.

The company’s head of digital marketing Theresa Dold says that Sweetgreens is not a place for just buying food. It was not created to provide residents with salad only. It had a greater purpose. When it comes to marketing its products, Sweetgreens ensures that it presents its products in a smart, local and sexy way. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

Every year, Sweetgreens organizes for a music festival where they showcase their delicious line of juices. As many stores as Sweetgreens may have, each store must adhere to the core values of the company. For starters, the community, business as well as customer must win. It is also important that every decision made by the corporation should be for the long term.

Giving the best to the investment also counts. Nathaniel Ru says that once the employees give their all to the clients, the customers will share the news with their friends.