Matt Fleeger raises $14,000 for the Sadie Keller Foundation

The Sadie Keller Foundation is an organization that helps young children who are battling cancer. It is named after the survivor who is at the heart of the campaign to help raise funds towards the cause and that fights for advancement towards eradicating the disease. It was founded by the survivor named Sadie Keller who fought years of infections, severe side effects, along with receiving weekly treatments and blood transfusions. The girl made videos describing what she was going through to help other children who would have to undergo the process themselves. Her parents discovered that their daughter had a gift for making these kinds of videos and decided to push her to publish them to help others. The snippets became so popular that one was aired on ESPN and helped many families who did not know what to expect. Sadie Keller had learned that funding for cancer research was low, so, she decided to make a film named “The Truth 365” that would help out families and children. Her foundation is meant to educate others who have to undergo the same kind of process, strive for more funding towards the cause, and raise awareness towards childhood cancer. The young child was able to work with organizations and speak at congress to raise funds, which led to the Race for Children Act, that goes towards cancer research. Sadie Keller has marketed her foundation through national television events as she has been seen on notable networks such as FOX News, Inside Edition, and much more. Sadie Keller also enjoys art and in doing her own. The foundation works to give children toys around Christmas for battling the disease and in giving meals, gift cards, and more to the parents who can be in a rough spot in paying off medical expenses. A businessman and the CEO of oil company Gulf Coast Western in Matt Fleeger was able to help raise $14,000 for the Sadie Keller Foundation. Fleeger has worked towards charitable causes in the community with founding the Fleeger Family Kitchen in Dallas, Texas to contribute to STEM learning for kids.


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