Mark McKenna Career in Real Estate and Medicine

Medical doctors play a crucial role in the lives of people. Without them, the world would be a difficult place to live in. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of these professionals, and he is licensed to practice in Florida and Georgia. Mark has accreditation from several platforms, and this is probably one of the reasons he is loved by so many individuals in the country. For many years now, the businessman has been a passionate advocate of the patient. He has also been dedicated to serving the community and making the world a better place to live. Mark was initially from Los Angeles, and he went for his studies at the Tulane University Medical School. The prestigious learning center equipped the doctor with the skills he wanted to assist people in the community.

After graduating from the university, Mark was fortunate to start practicing medicine. His dad was also in the same field, and they worked together so that they could treat patients in the regions. After a short time, the father and successful son launched a private venture known as McKenna Venture Investments. This was a boutique real estate company, and its main objective was to develop some of the best apartments in the city. The success of the real estate company motivated the businessman to acquire a company known as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. The two firms grew significantly due to the contributions from both companies, and in a short while, they were offering employment opportunities to more than fifty individuals. The companies specialized in turnkey designs, real estate closing services and finance. Although the company is flooded with companies in this department, McKenna and his father did well.

Unfortunately, 2005 brought several calamities that will be remembered by the medical doctor. Hurricane Katrina happened in august in the same year, and it destroyed the city and all of the business interests of the McKenna’s.When the storm was over, Mark decided to redevelop the region so that the residents could have a good place to stay. The low, moderate income housing by the businessmen assisted many families who were affected by the storm and more