Mark Beer Lands a New Role at LumeNXT Inc.

The appointment of Mark Beer as the chairman of the board at LumeNXT Inc. is irrefutable proof of his talents, insightful and innovative ideas in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Indeed, Marc Beer will spearhead the development of LumeNXT Inc. With his over two decade’s experiences, he is respected for his exceptional leadership skills.


LumeNXT Inc. has built a reputation for itself for its seamless progress in the improvement of surgical precision. The private company has shown remarkable performance in bringing new technology to the hospital. Mark noted that he was delighted for having an opportunity to work with committed and self-driven surgeons and engineers who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the surgical illumination with the help of the sophisticated technology at LumeNXT.


 He assured the attendants of the event that he has full confidence with the LumeNXT platform, and they are dedicated to ensuring more surgeries will be performed using invasive approaches.


 Stepping into the spotlight of career, Mark Beer affirmed that illumination technology is far better in compassion with traditional techniques since the new technology enhances visualization, accuracy and enables surgeons to be more flexible during the operation. LumeNXT provides a cutting-edge illumination platform that helps to improve surgical tools and minimize the disposal option. Besides, the safety of the patient is not at stake since the sophisticated technology heightens visualization.


By definition, Marc Beer is highly regarded for his talents and brilliant ideas that constantly fuels his creative spirit. Over the years, he has been instrumental in the success of various startup companies. LumeNXT Inc. Co-founder, Paul Rhyne praised him for his strong leadership skills and abilities to successfully run a company from inception to multi-billion dollar enterprise.


The Birth of Renovia


He is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Renovia Inc. The company specializes in designing and offering advanced therapeutic and diagnostic devices for patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders. In 2016, together with medical experts, Roman Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie they successfully managed to raise capital funds to fund their research.


 Mark Beer is an industry icon. It is easy to understand why he is good at what he does. Not by fate or luck landed him where he is but his commitment, dedication, and passion towards his career. He is talented with nature skills to create more wealth for himself.


To him, life is an adventure through unfolding the mystery of life. His compassion to make the world a better place and zeal inspired him to invest his efforts in finding new medical techniques. Before founding Renovia, he established Minerva Neuroscience Inc. that focuses on treating central nervous system illnesses. Along with that, the biopharmaceutical company is dedicated to providing treatment to patients suffering from mental health disorders. Follow Marc Beer on Facebook