Marc Beer And The Great Cause Of Pelvic Issues

Marc Beer has led the way when it comes to raising $42 million. The $42 million that he raised was specifically for the plight of women who deal with pelvic issues. Various entities were involved in the raising of this money. A lot of professionals from various walks of life and companies engaged themselves in the great plight of funding treatments for pelvic floor issues. This great effort happened in the middle of 2018. Marc Beer is elated to be the leader of such an effort. The company that the money is going to, Renovia, is going to use the endowments to make more disruptions in the market of pelvic issue treatments.


Marc Beer is a proud graduate of Miami University. No, Miami University is not in Miami, Florida—it is in Ohio. Do not let the word “Miami” fool you into thinking about a building with palm trees around it. It is located in a town called Oxford. There are three different Miami University campuses in the southwest portion of the state of Ohio. The part of Ohio that it is located in is near Kentucky (which is to the south) and Indiana (which is to the west). Marc Beer earned a four year degree from this great college.


Marc Beer’s role has been that of entrepreneur. He has been heavily involved in hiring people for his companies and making marketing decisions. In his opinion, choosing the right people is paramount to being successful. He cannot emphasize enough how important it is to bring the right people into an organization. It is all about the people. Learn more:


Renovia has been involved in a wide array of pursuits when it comes to solving pelvic floor problems. They have tried and tested various things to diagnose, treat and cure these types of problems. Their portfolio is very large and wide when it comes to their work.


When it comes to pelvic floor problems, one of the big stars of the show has been incontinence. Incontinence wreaks havoc on millions of people’s lives. Some people may think that such a problem is funny or not serious. However, incontinence is not really funny, and it can be a very expensive, annoying, embarrassing problem. Anybody who laughs or shrugs their shoulders at the problem of incontinence should be made to live with the problem, and then asked about their feelings after having lived with it for years.