Malcolm CasSelle

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), is a global company that deals with in-game virtual assets. The merchant is also the leader in bitcoin business in the world. With a larger market size, the company has followers across the world that frequently makes micropayments cross-border. The WAX Company a platform for trading of virtual assets. WAX, a P2P market arena will make it possible for sellers and buyers to effectively transact virtual assets. The two main issues that WAX will solve in the marketplace of virtual assets are fraud and fragmentation. With the blockchain widget, WAX will allow the users to directly sell and buy virtual products without login off the game. Additionally, WAX allows users to pay for their gaming assets and instantly sell and buy the assets without login out. Thus, users are able to do transactions with no frictions.
Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of WAX is as well as the CIO of OPSKins. CasSelle has been the president of the company since the last year 2017. Before joining WAX, CasSelle was CTO and president at Tronic. Previously he had served as the general manager and vice president of digital media of SeaChange international. CasSelle has also worked as a leader in startups digital companies such as Xfire, MediaPass and a joint venture between Tencent in China and Groupon.
Malcolm has also been actively involved as an investor in such companies as Zynga, Facebook and of late in Bitcoin connected companies. In addition to this, CasSelle was one of the founders of NetNoir in 1995 where he worked as the CTO. NetNoir was the earliest websites producing media that centered on the culture of Afrocentric He later worked as CEO’s advisor and vice president at Pacific Century CyberWorks, openly service provider in Hong Kong in 1998 to 2002. At the Hong Kong capital union investments, CasSelle worked as a director from 200 to 2013 where he controlled private direct reserves CasSelle is a bachelor’s degree holder from MIT. He also has a Stanford university’s master’s degree. In both degrees, he specialized in computer science. His dialect is that of mandarin and Japanese