Maarten De Jeu: Helping Students Learn Science

Science is a critical subject that students in America really need. The Museum Of Science and
Industry hosted an event every summer that gifs students the opportunity to learn how things work. There is coursework for then to get a better understanding of science, leadership, and speaking in public. Farrell Fellows Internship is what this program is called, and it does a good job of offering students to learn beyond what they are taught in school. Maarten De Jeu, who is the
founder of the SVM Business Advisory to teach people about the history of the bicycle as part of
the museum’s Science Spin Program.
De Jeu has a huge blend of skills that he brings to the table. He has quite an extensive international business experience, along with commercial real estate investment, and plenty of technical skills with industry knowledge. What he does is oversee projects through a
comprehensive decision majoring process along with building multicultural teams. It’s no wonder that he took an interest in science and wanted to be part of what the museum was doing for the students. The get to go around and teach other children things about science as part of the summer curriculum. You have to know that if you live in the Chicago area that, you can have your child be part of this program. They will learn so much and enjoy spreading that same knowledge to others. The students also talked about bubbles and the chemistry behind them. Teaching students the elements that make up a bubble is fascinating in itself, but playing with them is where the fun is. The students get to learn so much, and De Jeu offers a glimpse of what they can accomplish as a whole. Most of these students love to learn and teaching them science was a great way to engage their minds. Learn more:
De Jeu is also a co-founder of SpeakUp, which happens to be an international ethics and compliance startup for companies that are listed publicly. He worked at another company where he felt with Heinz and Sara Lee at a management consulting firm. He has been keeping himself busy with a slew of positions that given him a dynamic work portfolio. He’s proud of the work that went into doing the Science Spins program and the Farrell Fellows internship. These are two different projects that the museum put together so that children can have fun learning science. Also, they can gain other skills such as speaking in front of people. Learning the skills through the programs at the museum will be something that no one can take away from them. Being there added so
much enrichment to their lives. Follow Maarten De Jeu on Twitter