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An advanced world offers many privileges and opportunities. Business startups begin at different levels of preparation because of the number of ways they can prepare for a business career. A business owner can start in a city like New York, where financial institutions thrive.

Business startups in third world countries may never have the same opportunity for a business startup. Although all startups have equal opportunities in an advanced society, very few will rise to the top in their field. Wherever success flares up and is evidence of new services offered, there will always be those who seek to follow the leaders.

Growing Up in Perth

Luke Lazarus found his niche in business at an early age. Luke was allowed to express his business curiosities when he was only eight years old. Once Luke Lazarus realized what to do with his life, he continued to pursue his business dreams.

As Luke Lazarus got older, he grew more focused towards a business career and followed a path that led him to pursue an MBA at Melbourne Business School. He graduated among the top percent of his class. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

After Luke graduated his focus on starting his own business only intensified. Within eight years of his graduation, Luke Lazarus had established four successful companies of his own. Within a short amount of time, he decided to sell all four of the companies he built from nothing.

Launching a Consultancy

Luke Lazarus wanted to help startups. Luke Lazarus understood that startup companies were not reaching their full potential. Today in his capacity of startup business consultant Luke Lazarus has helped hundreds of startups reach their goals.

He combines his education, expert advice, and learned business knowledge into a format that startups can understand. Wherever he goes, startup teams accept his depth of experience and practical knowledge.

The Need for Mission

Luke Lazarus has three elements he likes to emphasize to his startups. He wants his startups to understand systems and how they work. While learning to analyze business plans is necessary for any startup, making emotional connections with customers is a vital key to success.

To reach consumers, startups need to get in touch with what makes their own story valuable. A story filled with value becomes an open door for consumers to walk thru and identify with its values. Once a consumer can identify with the values behind a brand or business story, they can resonate with their own values and make an emotional connection.

Emotional Connection

Emotional logic happens differently than intellectual reasoning.

Luke Lazarus has spent over twenty years learning and practicing the principles he teaches and passes on to his startup teams. Lazarus expects a significant commitment from his startup teams, and he receives great respect from those who have come under his influence.

Some of his startups have gained investments from many venture capitalist. A few have succeeded in launching their own Initial Public Offering. A good leader and teacher like Luke Lazarus practices what he teaches and teaches what is possible to be exercised.

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