Lazarus’ Business Plans and Projections

Luke Lazarus is a business consultant offering his consultation services to startup companies. He has based his work and residence in Melbourne. He has over 20 years of experience that include establishment of successful partnerships in creating business plans, managing business growth and helping Chief Executive Officers with insights. He has mostly worked around the South East Coast Region of Australia. His knowledge in consultancy is important in providing clarification for a brand about to execute and prioritize important decisions. It is important for business leaders to have business partners who are able to focus on what is important, which is the same as expressing vital business issues, through definition and identification, that define the success of a business.



A decade of his work career was spent in establishing and founding four companies. He later ensured a successful acquisition of these startup companies by other firms. Currently, he dedicates his time and effort in working with new startup companies for shorter time periods. With the insight and perception of being a seasonal veteran, he mainly focuses on identifying issues within the startup companies. Some of the plans and projections that Luke Lazarus assists business leaders in defining include the following:



Business Plans. A successful business plan outlines a product story that is expected to be similar to the story of the brand for the purpose of easy understanding for potential and already-in customers, investors, employees and partners. The startup business, before launching their product, has to understand in terms of definition, the financial models, vision as well as limitations. A similarity in both the brand story and product story is considered to be a successful foundation for the startup company.



Financial projections. A successful startup company includes a project to have projected profits and can monitor the cash flow management. These are defined metrics that should be aligned together with the initial plans that in turn outline the vision of the startup firm. The initial plan guarantees transparency and consistency as well as presenting the business leaders and investors with a picture definition of a successful future.



Operational Improvement. Having worked with several successful startup companies, Lazarus is perfectly qualified for the task of assessing and defining issues that are based on business development. These issues should be prioritized, as per Lazarus’ formula, he proceeds on to give insights on which direction is suitable for the growth and stability of the company or business.



Investor presentations. Lazarus’ presentations done in various boardrooms of most of his clients in startups, include an outline on the importance of financial support and bridging the financial support with brand stories for startup audiences. He has helped raise millions of financial support from investors form startups.