Kim Dao Spends Her B-Day At An Australian Wedding

Guess what? It’s Kim Dao’s birthday! Are you ready for her celebration? Well, to tell you the truth, Kim Dao wasn’t ready for her own b-day celebration. She actually spent her most recent birthday going to a friend’s wedding in Australia. If you want to check Kim Dao’s amazing b-day/wedding adventure, take a peek at this vlog, “Wedding Day & My Birthday | Kim Dao.


The video opens up with Kim Dao in a friend’s car. As they are heading to the wedding ceremony, Kim Dao tells us that she just remembered it’s her birthday. As she gets older, Kim Dao says she doesn’t want to draw too much attention to herself on her special day.


In the next shot, Kim Dao is walking towards the wedding ceremony with her friends. She films a montage of clips of the wedding area and of the bride and groom.


After the wedding, Kim Dao goes back to her place to rest for a bit. She says she will go to the wedding reception a few hours later.


At home, Kim Dao shows us her adorable Pomeranian named Yuki. She also shows us a huge box the company Benefit sent her. The box has loads of brow sample products for Kim to try.


Although Kim didn’t want to make a big deal about her b-day, her friends didn’t forget about her. Kim Dao shows us a chocolate cake and a few gifts her friends bought for her.


The video closes with Kim Dao showing us around the awesome wedding reception. Kim’s adorable boyfriend Eric crashes the wedding reception for some extra special fun.

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