Jingdong Offers Sweet Wines for the Chinese Market

A unique partnership between one of the most popular Hungarian wine brands and a leading Chinese e-commerce marketplace has had an exciting and profitable response. Grand Tokaj is known for their excellent quality of wines, however they haven’t had any stake in the booming Chinese online market. That’s where Jingdong’s well-established consumer base and logistical assets will pair perfectly with the sweet wines of Grand Tokaj. The centuries-old tradition of making sweet Hungarian wine continues to enamor customers all over the world, thanks to the fine sweetness produced by carefully prepared grapes.

The happy customers at JD.com were the newest to discover a love for Hungarian sweet wines, as over a thousand bottles were sold within hours of the promotion’s beginning. According to JD.com, most wine lovers in China prefer alcohol imported from foreign lands. As their demand for wine increases, so does their taste for quality. Jingdong is using their knowledge of the market to create an evolving strategy that is customized to the customer’s wishes. It would be difficult for Grand Tokaj to connect to Chinese consumers, so JD.com is profiting as a middleman between winery and market. By cooperating in this way, JD.com is paving the way for new wines to enter Chinese e-commerce.

Now that its been proven that partnerships like this are worthwhile, Jingdong is moving forward to create new wines that will keep the customers interested. From Grand Tokajs perspective, they’ve been exposed to a whole new set of wine enthusiasts without the effort of establishing a base. They’re excited to enjoy the increased profits off of increased wine demand, all the while letting JD.com do the work of selling it within the marketplace. This is a great way for foreign wineries to enter the Chinese market, as all language and culture barriers are mitigated through a local seller. The highest consumers of foreign wine are young men and women living in high-tier cities, which means that there will be interest in foreign wines on the Chinese market, into the considerable future.

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