Jeremy Goldstein Helps Clients Write Up Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City lawyer who prides himself on making good connections in the industry through genuine care and understanding. With these qualities, Mr. Goldstein has proven himself as a qualified attorney. Because of that, Jeremy is high requested in the employment law field. He earned his law degree at the New York University School of Law in 1999. From there, the world was in the palm of his hands.


The successful lawyer was ready to take the plunge and start his own law firm. There was many issues when it came to the employment law, the field he worked in. This would be Jeremy’s opportunity to branch out. He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. in 2014. This would give him more opportunity to improve the governance and executive compensation sector, putting his personal take on helping CEO’S and upper-level management teams in the industry. He has worked with Dow Chemical Company, Phillips Petroleum Company, Miller Brewing Company, and more.


Jeremy Goldstein is not only a practicing individual in the law field, but is an active participant in his community. He has spoken for public events on many occasions about his expertise. In addition, the New York lawyer serves on the subcommittee as a chair for the American Bar Association’s Business Section. Mr. Goldstein has been the director for a charity in New York City that helps women and men in the recovery of mental illness. Fountain House was founded in 1944 and has been going strong ever since.


The accomplished lawyer has dedicated his career to helping professional clients when it comes to their interests and rights. This comes in the form of a non-compete agreements. They protect the rights of the employer, but also the employees. There are many reasons that these non-compete agreements are drawn up. They help employers from losing out financially when employees move on to another company. This agreement protects the company from former employees sharing important information like assets, customers, and trade secrets with their new employer that could harm them.


These agreements usually contractually last three to four years, as not to be too rigid. This way, employees are not totally losing out in these agreements. This is where Jeremy Goldstein comes in. He has the know-how and expertise to draw up these agreements so employers are protected. Previously to studying law, Mr. Goldstein attended college for art history. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Cornell University. The accomplished attorney stayed the path and earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 1996. They lawyer has had a successful 20 plus years in the field of law with no signs of slowing down.


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