Jeremy Goldstein Has Found Another Way To Make Life Better For People Who Suffer From Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who knows the value of listening to his clients. He has worked on some of the biggest corporate cases to take place in many years. On top of working to help his clients in court, he has also found another way to help people in the world. This has been through his support of Fountain House, which is a charity that focuses on making life better for individuals who are struggling with mental illness.


Jeremy Goldstein decided to help Fountain House raise some funds recently when he hosted a wine dinner in New York. Tickets to the event costed $5,000, and attendees were treated to a tasty meal and high quality wine. Fountain House has been around since the 1940s and was founded by a group of people who suffered through various mental illnesses. The stigma surrounding mental illness motivated the group to create a place for others just like them. They eventually bought a building in the late 1940s that had a fountain in front of it.


Jeremy Goldstein is happy that he has been a part of helping people with mental illness to get back on their feet. Many of these people just need some guidance and a place to call home. Fountain House also helps them to get the education they need or other kinds of job training so they can get back out there and begin to earn a living for themselves. The organization has also worked very hard to improve the public’s perception of people with mental illness issues. The research that Fountain House has done has helped to uncover creative ways of helping people to recover from mental illness.


Jeremy Goldstein is an insightful attorney who has worked with many different clients during his career. He is the founder Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. and mainly works with clients who need help with corporate governance and executive compensation matters. Goldstein has helped to smooth out many of the most well known corporate transactions that have taken place in recent times. Some of the cases he has been a part of include the acquisition of Progress Energy by Duke Energy, the purchase of ALLTEL Corporation by Verizon Wireless, and the purchase of MBNA Corporation by Bank of America.


Jeremy Goldstein worked with a large law firm based in New York before creating his own law firm. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in all subjects while attending Cornell University. He also studied at the University of Chicago and received his Master of Arts degree there. Goldstein took his education further by earning his Juris Doctor at New York University School of Law. Today, he engages in philanthropy in New York by supporting Fountain House.


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