JD Makes Recent Delivery of Kiwi Fruit

JD is the largest and most successful retailer in China. As a successful company, Jingdong is always looking to expand. One of the markets that it has expanded to is the south Pacific region. The company recently imported large quantities of kiwi fruit from New Zealand. JD completed a delivery at the beginning of the year to add more fresh produce to its selection of fruits. Jingdong was able to make this delivery by forming a partnership with successful horticulture companies. With this partnership, JD will look to more efficiently distribute one of its most recent in demand products.

By partnering up with top companies in the horticulture industry, JD will be in position to expand its options in terms distribution. It will now collaborate with the horticulture companies to sell the kiwi fruit to consumers all throughout China. As well as distributing the fruit through small retail chain outlets, Jingdong will also sell the fruit at its many chain locations nationwide as well. With a larger distribution network, JD will likely see a significant increase in revenues in the near future.

The importing of kiwi fruit was done in an effort to meet a growing consumer demand. Many consumers in China are buying fresh produce as it is among the most nutritious foods on the market. There are many consumers who buy the fresh produce but there is one group that has emerged as the primary consumer. According to data by Jingdong, a majority of the people who buy the fresh produce are young middle class consumers who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By importing kiwi fruit from New Zealand, JD has helped economy. Since China is now importing large quantities of kiwi fruit, there has been a steady rise in export revenue for New Zealand. There has also been a significant boost in its economy as well. Today, the nation has added thousands of jobs in the agriculture sector.

JD has used the recent delivery of kiwi fruit from New Zealand to improve logistical operations. It has now been able to prove that it can successfully transport items from international destinations such as New Zealand. As a result, Jingdong will be in great position to reach its new goals for expansion.

Contact Jingdong: ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6305161/metrics#metrics