JD.com Uses its Technology to Make China Safer

JD.com has made a pledge to use some of its ground-breaking technology to make China a safer place. As the world’s largest e-commerce company, it is always looking for new ways to streamline its operation. It has already used some of that new technology across all areas of its business. From processing to delivery, JD.com is ahead of the competition. It is using drones and robot cars to make deliveries, and it is also using fully-automated plants.

The company is now using that tech to help children understand the dangers of talking to strangers. It is an issue that is particularly important in China where there are over 220 million children under the age of fourteen. It can be a scary thing for parents to explain some of the issues with children and strangers, but JD.com has come up with a new way to start the conversation. For years Chinese families have read the children’s book “Ich geh doch nicht mit Jedem mit!” (“I’m not going with everyone!”) by Dagmar Geisler.

Now when someone buys a hard copy of the book, they will also receive 4 new stories in the form of Augmented Reality (AR). JD.com has been using AR as part of service for a while, and customers can use it to help with buying clothes and make-up. The four new AR scenarios are all presented by Lulu. She is the animated narrator who will make learning about safety issues fun for children.

JD.com will continue to make new technology one of its priorities, and it will show off more to the world at the CES shows in Las Vegas. It is also committed to using that technology to make China safer for children, and Lulu is just the first of many AR projects that will help with that.

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