JD. Com Is Officially Dealing with Grand Tokaj’s Products

Shoppers are slowly embracing e-commerce. The leading e-commerce platform in China has partnered with Hungarian sweet wines. JD.com will now be selling sweet wines products through their online platform. In the partnership, JD.com vowed to help the wines company in marketing their brands. Through using reliable nationwide logistics, the online shop will ensure that customers get their wine the same day they place their order. The partnership was praised by the Hungarian government. The government termed the partnership as a good strategy to promote and distribute their products in the international market. Grand Tokaj’s is widely known for its sweetness. The wine is blended from grapes through a traditional process known as noble rot.

Amazingly, the Grand Tokaj’s products were warmly received in the Chinese market. After less than 10 hours of launching, more than 1000 bottles of wine had already been ordered. The online shop is optimistic that the wine will turn out to be the most preferred in China. The brand was embraced from day one. During the initial stages, the brand’s online store was followed by more than 400,000 followers. This is one of the alcohol brands that has accumulated many fans in a short period of time. According to JD’s analysis, more than three-quarters of Chinese wine consumers preferred wine from abroad. Most of the consumers are the young generation, women and those living in smart cities.

The online shop is delighted to be the preferred online dealer of Grand Tokaj’s in China. Demand for imported wine in China is increasing day by day. JD.com has played a key role in connecting Chinese consumers with global wine brands. The organization is honoured to introduce Hungary’s traditional wine to the Chinese market. To make sure that the product is distributed swiftly, the online shop will invest in logistics. For the last few years, J.D com has been ranked as the top online alcohol retailer in China. JD.com has helped in marketing alcoholic brands by applying holistic strategies. The strategies have been formulated to respond to customer behaviors. JD.com came up with a smaller sized cognac bottle specifically designed for its customers. This is because their customers buy in smaller quantities. On the first phase, the product emerged as one of the best-selling items.